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A Look into the Future: The Self-learning Supply Chain

“The self-learning supply chain marks the next major frontier of supply chain innovation. It's a futuristic vision of a world in which supply chain systems, infused with artificial intelligence (AI), can analyze existing supply chain strategies [...]

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The Evolving Imperative of Operating in Real Time

A futuristic new book, “The LIVING Supply Chain: The Evolving Imperative of Operating in Real Time,” by Robert Handfield, Ph.D. and Tom Linton re-imagines what supply chain is, and what it’s becoming. Their premise is [...]

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Does Supply and Demand Still Rule in Supply Chains?

In this age of Big Data, do economics still drive decisions in the Supply Chain? Industry professionals can access a wide range of public and private data and a vast amount of statistics and data analysis. But [...]

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Redefining Talent for the New World of Work

“Most companies are operating in a decades-old paradigm when it comes to talent, explains the authors of this SCMR article. “New ways of thinking about—and managing—talent are desperately needed to compete in the digital era.  Organizations [...]

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