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Digital Marketplaces – Great Opportunity for Procurement or Governance Nightmare?

As digital marketplaces grow in popularity and number, challenges occur for procurement. “On the less regulated platforms, unknown suppliers that haven’t been thoroughly vetted, can sit alongside household names. It can be hard, therefore, for buyers to tell whether a purchase is ‘safe,’” says Ian Nethercot.READ MORE at Supply Chain Digital

The Power of Supply Chain Planning

Planning may not seem like a fundamental challenge to supply chains today. But Gary Forger explains, “As the supply chain gets longer and extends through more countries, managing all that movement requires increased planning and coordination. Hierarchical planning makes that possible with a very positive impact on supply chain efficiencies.”READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

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The Route to No-Touch Planning: Taking the Human Error Out of Supply-Chain Planning

“Slow, manual supply-chain planning processes can be a thing of the past, with machines taking on repetitive tasks that aren’t a good use of human capacity,” according to McKinsey & Co. “The time has come for a new approach. Led by pioneering players in high-tech and online retail, the digitization of planning promises unprecedented levels of responsiveness, [...]

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The View from Four Supply Chain Global Gateways

SCMR spoke with experts from four uniquely different locations around the globe: the Netherlands, Mexico, Singapore and the United States. While these executives agree on some of the same challenges for supply chains in the next 10 years, they have differing viewpoints about the changes on the horizon.READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

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5G & the Future of Connectivity: 7 Industries the New Wireless Technology Could Transform

Network connectivity is about to catch a gigantic wave as 5G technology emerges. Yet this dramatic change has the potential to both transform and disrupt a wide range of industries and global marketplaces, from manufacturing to transportation services to supply chain management. See the seven industries that 5G technology could ultimately transform.READ MORE at Supply Chain 24/7

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