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5G & the Future of Connectivity: 7 Industries the New Wireless Technology Could Transform

Network connectivity is about to catch a gigantic wave as 5G technology emerges. Yet this dramatic change has the potential to both transform and disrupt a wide range of industries and global marketplaces, from manufacturing [...]

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How Industrial IoT Impacts Today’s Supply Chains

“The industrial IoT will play an important part in the evolution of supply chains from linear point-to-point models to network or circular models. Business efficiency, sustainability and regulatory pressures are causing many companies to investigate [...]

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The Next Generation Procurement Model

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by today's fast-changing technological landscaperequires procurement functions to blend these advances with activities for value enablement, capturing and sustainment, explains Khushalani, Woodcock and Mercker, partners at McKinsey & Company. “They [...]

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Exclusive from JDA: Making the Autonomous Supply Chain a Reality

An autonomous supply chain can help businesses respond with immediacy and decisiveness, says Girish Rishi, CEO of JDA. “This technology is designed to deliver on-demand, navigate disruptions months in advance and help keep your business [...]

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Some Supply Chain Managers Just Don’t Get It

“The source of competitive advantage is about to change, and your current strategy is most likely going to kill your business unless you prepare,” warns Michael Gravier of Bryant University. “Most supply chain leaders don’t [...]