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Breaking Business Silos Is Bigger Than Data Technology

“We need truly comprehensive visibility, but this isn’t simply a technology issue. You need smart-data technology, to be sure. But you need smart people as well,” says Allan Dow, President of Logility. “It's time for [...]

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Responding to Trade War Worries: A Six Sigma Strategy

The hidden risk of a protracted trade war goes beyond the most obvious downside of losing valued trading partners, disrupting the supply chain, and increasing costs, says Mike DiLeo. “U.S. companies are being forced to [...]

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Selecting a Supply Chain Planning Tool: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

A common supply chain planning mistake many organizations make is to assume that technology is the starting point for transformation, explains P. S. Subramaniam and Jesse Chafin from A.T. Kearney. “But a technology-first approach gets [...]

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Procurement Improvement Begins with Process

Procurement is buffeted by the headwinds of market disruption: tariffs, cyberattacks and a tight labor market, says Marisa Brown, APQC. “Two winds of change have combined to create a perfect storm around the procurement function.” [...]

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Nearly Everything You’ve Been Told About Procurement Analytics Is Wrong

It’s time to move beyond calculating savings to creating a valuable impact. “The procurement industry has long assumed that spend cubes are vitally important and that not having one is heresy. Making matters worse, spend cubes [...]

Diversity is Key to the Evolving Procurement Function

There is still a gender gap in procurement, says Sheri Spinks. “I think it’s important now more than ever to give a voice to women in procurement. We need to talk about the enhancements and value [...]