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It Takes More Than a Village to Manage a Global Supply Chain

“IBM is bringing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to bear on supply-chain management — with a twist,” says Robert J. Bowman. “What distinguishes this latest effort from previous software industry offerings, IBM says, is the [...]

JDA Exec: How to Negate the Impact of Coronavirus on Supply Chains

“Companies that have already made investments in supply chain infrastructure and have a multi-source supply plan will be much better positioned to weather the ultimate impacts of the outbreak compared to companies that have not,” [...]

Procurement Must Reduce Costs While Continuing to Become a Better Strategic Advisor

“Procurement faces a dual challenge in 2020 — reducing internal and external costs while at the same time adding value and becoming a better strategic advisor to the business,” says Patrick Burnson. Research from the [...]

Supply Chains are Going Green in These Six Ways

Green trends are catching on within supply chain management and transforming how the industry operates. Sourcing, packaging and transportation all have tangible effects on the environment, but they don't have to be adverse. Examine a few [...]

Is S&OE the new S&OP?

JDA’s research among planners tells us that they tend to spend 70% of their time firefighting supply chain disruptions. The question remains, why can’t most supply chain practitioners break loose from firefighting and focus on delivering [...]

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CFOs Are Overlooking the Transformative Power of Procurement

“External procurement spending is the single largest cost element for most companies and a crucial component of their value chains. But many companies are failing to realize the powerful benefits that procurement can bring,” according to [...]

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