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Accenture’s Supply Chain Study Champions “Change-Ready” Culture

“The most proactive supply chain executives are moving beyond their reputation for efficiencies to help drive customer centricity and the C-suite growth agenda,” says Accenture research, which also showed half of supply chain leaders cited a lack of a ‘change-ready’ culture as their biggest impediment to success.” READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review Xenon [...]

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Are Your Performance Measurements Destroying Your Supply Chain?

By Steven A. Melnyk, Michael Bourne, David Frayer and Will Rifkin The performance measurement system is the most misunderstood, confusing, misapplied and frustrating element of most supply chains, says the authors of this article. “Yet, an effective performance measurement system is one of the foundations on which the strategic supply chain is built.” Review the guidelines [...]

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Redefining Talent for the New World of Work

“Most companies are operating in a decades-old paradigm when it comes to talent, explains the authors of this SCMR article. “New ways of thinking about—and managing—talent are desperately needed to compete in the digital era.  Organizations who can successfully engage and integrate the diverse motivations … will gain a talent advantage over their competitors.” READ MORE

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