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JDA Exec: How to Negate the Impact of Coronavirus on Supply Chains

“Companies that have already made investments in supply chain infrastructure and have a multi-source supply plan will be much better positioned to weather the ultimate impacts of the outbreak compared to companies that have not,” explains Jim Hull, senior industry strategies director for JDA. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review Xenon Group is a [...]

Supply Chains are Going Green in These Six Ways

Green trends are catching on within supply chain management and transforming how the industry operates. Sourcing, packaging and transportation all have tangible effects on the environment, but they don't have to be adverse. Examine a few of the current strategies. READ MORE at Supply Chain Brain

Top Ten 2020 Supply Chain Predictions Issued by IDC

“This year’s predictions for 2020 take another deep dive into the frenetic pace of change occurring in myriad facets of the supply chain.” These top ten supply chain predictions, issued by IDC, cover investments both in the near term and the longer term. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

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A View From the Cloud

We hear less about one of the enabling technologies that makes the others possible: the Cloud. The possibilities that the Cloud opens up to the supply chain are multiplying at breakneck speed. And Gary Forger says it’s happening for two primary reasons. To begin, the Cloud itself is evolving. Very quickly. Second, that evolution is [...]

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Insights by Larry Lapide, S&OP Psych 101

According to Dr. Larry Lapide, “A major factor in achieving optimized supply-demand decision-making is the successful implementation of effective 'bridging' processes between customer-facing managers from sales, marketing, and customer service and supply-facing managers from manufacturing, operations, logistics, supply chain, and procurement." Read the S&OP roles he recommends for managers based on their mindsets. READ MORE [...]

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