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Time to Modernize Supply Chain Design

Supply chains have undergone dramatic changes over the last two decades. “The design process must mature to capture the complexity, volatility and uncertainty of the competitive environment in which modern supply chains operate,” says Milena Janjevic, Jarrod Goentzel and Matthias Winkenbach from MIT. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

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JDA Exec: How to Negate the Impact of Coronavirus on Supply Chains

“Companies that have already made investments in supply chain infrastructure and have a multi-source supply plan will be much better positioned to weather the ultimate impacts of the outbreak compared to companies that have not,” explains Jim Hull, senior industry strategies director for JDA. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review Xenon Group is a [...]

Is S&OE the new S&OP?

JDA’s research among planners tells us that they tend to spend 70% of their time firefighting supply chain disruptions. The question remains, why can’t most supply chain practitioners break loose from firefighting and focus on delivering against their Sales and Operational Plan? 5-MINUTE READ at JDA Xenon Group is a JDA alliance partner

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Selecting a Supply Chain Planning Tool: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

A common supply chain planning mistake many organizations make is to assume that technology is the starting point for transformation, explains P. S. Subramaniam and Jesse Chafin from A.T. Kearney. “But a technology-first approach gets it backward. We recommend a more holistic and structured approach in which your technology solution is driven by a specific [...]

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