Six Distinctions That Drive Procurement Excellence

Accenture has worked closely with hundreds of chief procurement officers, chief financial officers and C-suite executives for two decades. They have examined the traits and persistence of those who drive exceptional procurement and have observed what the best leaders strive for in procurement and how they make great things happen. Accenture has distilled its studies [...]

Procurement Must Reduce Costs While Continuing to Become a Better Strategic Advisor

“Procurement faces a dual challenge in 2020 — reducing internal and external costs while at the same time adding value and becoming a better strategic advisor to the business,” says Patrick Burnson. Research from the Hackett Group, Inc. reveals crucial findings on these new Procurement Key Issues. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

CFOs Are Overlooking the Transformative Power of Procurement

“External procurement spending is the single largest cost element for most companies and a crucial component of their value chains. But many companies are failing to realize the powerful benefits that procurement can bring,” according to a new study by A.T. Kearney. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

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Measuring the Impact of Sourcing on the World’s Workforce

A company’s procurement decisions can contribute to poverty alleviation and inclusive growth around the world. Patrick Burnson examines how a new group, The Global Impact Sourcing Challenge, is the first business network to specifically focus on escalating impact sourcing as a way to increase employment and career development opportunities for disadvantaged workers. READ MORE at Supply [...]

Procurement Improvement Begins with Process

Procurement is buffeted by the headwinds of market disruption: tariffs, cyberattacks and a tight labor market, says Marisa Brown, APQC. “Two winds of change have combined to create a perfect storm around the procurement function.” Brown believes that procurement can and must act as a strategic business partner by driving process improvements, cost savings and [...]

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