The Next Generation Procurement Model

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by today's fast-changing technological landscaperequires procurement functions to blend these advances with activities for value enablement, capturing and sustainment, explains Khushalani, Woodcock and Mercker, partners at McKinsey & Company. “They also need to build deeper and more interconnected capabilities.” READ MORE at CIPS

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Digital Transformation Helping Procurement to “Do More with Less”

The Hackett Group found there is still significant need for procurement to address its critical development priorities for 2019. This includes improving analytical capabilities, aligning skills and talent with business needs, leveraging supplier relationships, enhancing agility and achieving true customer-centricity. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

JDA Software: Navigating the Digital Disruption of Supply Chain and Procurement

Digitization is what everyone is talking about and it's making companies ask how they can embrace digital in order to move forward, says Johan Reventberg, President, EMEA at JDA Software. “But … some companies aren’t normal retailers or manufacturers, they are IT companies with a very strong supply chain.”READ MORE @ Supply Chain Digital

Procurement: Riding the Transformative Digital Wave

A.T. Kearney’s authors explain that as digital trends disrupt the supply chain, business leaders are forced to rethink their traditional operating models. “With the advent of the digital age, expectations for procurement are no longer confined to the contribution to the bottom line.” READ MORE at A.T. Kearney Ideas and Insights

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