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Insights by Larry Lapide, S&OP Psych 101

According to Dr. Larry Lapide, “A major factor in achieving optimized supply-demand decision-making is the successful implementation of effective 'bridging' processes between customer-facing managers from sales, marketing, and customer service and supply-facing managers from manufacturing, operations, logistics, supply chain, and procurement." Read the S&OP roles he recommends for managers based on their mindsets. READ MORE [...]

How Machine Learning is Transforming the Demand Planning Process

JDA research reveals that excess inventory is a growing problem for companies across all industries, and the associated costs of insufficient forecasting accuracy are staggering. “According to IHL Group, a research firm, in 2015 the cost to companies of overstocking was around $470 billion and of understocking $630 billion worldwide. Faced with growing supply chain complexity and [...]

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