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A View From the Cloud

We hear less about one of the enabling technologies that makes the others possible: the Cloud. The possibilities that the Cloud opens up to the supply chain are multiplying at breakneck speed. And Gary Forger says it’s happening for two primary reasons. To begin, the Cloud itself is evolving. Very quickly. Second, that evolution is [...]

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9-Minute Video: Is Supply Chain Transparency Achievable?

Supply chains don't just need to be visible — they also need to be transparent, says Alexis Bateman, director of MIT Sustainable Supply Chains. “Visibility is knowing what's happening as your product is extracted, transformed, and moved along the supply chain. But there's an additional element of transparency, which is disclosure.” Read the challenges of doing [...]

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Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Next Recession?

Economic recessions occur about every 9 years, says Henry Canitz from Logility, which means the next one is already overdue. “A very good leading indicator of an imminent recession is the interest rate spread between the 10-year and 2-year U.S. Treasury bond.” What supply chain data should you focus on to spot a potential downturn? [...]

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Breaking Business Silos Is Bigger Than Data Technology

“We need truly comprehensive visibility, but this isn’t simply a technology issue. You need smart-data technology, to be sure. But you need smart people as well,” says Allan Dow, President of Logility. “It's time for company executives to focus on getting truly holistic visibility across departments, systems and functional silos. This is, however, far from [...]

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Responding to Trade War Worries: A Six Sigma Strategy

The hidden risk of a protracted trade war goes beyond the most obvious downside of losing valued trading partners, disrupting the supply chain, and increasing costs, says Mike DiLeo. “U.S. companies are being forced to re-think their sourcing and supply-chain strategies. This can involve strategic resourcing or tariff engineering… .” READ MORE at Supply Chain [...]

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