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The Power of Supply Chain Planning

Planning may not seem like a fundamental challenge to supply chains today. But Gary Forger explains, “As the supply chain gets longer and extends through more countries, managing all that movement requires increased planning and coordination. Hierarchical planning makes that possible with a very positive impact on supply chain efficiencies.”READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

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The Route to No-Touch Planning: Taking the Human Error Out of Supply-Chain Planning

“Slow, manual supply-chain planning processes can be a thing of the past, with machines taking on repetitive tasks that aren’t a good use of human capacity,” according to McKinsey & Co. “The time has come for a new approach. Led by pioneering players in high-tech and online retail, the digitization of planning promises unprecedented levels of responsiveness, [...]

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Resilience360 Releases its First Annual Risk Report

The supply chain risk management company outlines Top 10 Supply Chain Risks for 2019 and Beyond. The risk report is designed to provide the intelligence needed to help organizations re-evaluate their specific risk strategies and adapt their networks accordingly. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

JDA Software: Navigating the Digital Disruption of Supply Chain and Procurement

Digitization is what everyone is talking about and it's making companies ask how they can embrace digital in order to move forward, says Johan Reventberg, President, EMEA at JDA Software. “But … some companies aren’t normal retailers or manufacturers, they are IT companies with a very strong supply chain.”READ MORE @ Supply Chain Digital

The Supply Chain Planner of the Future

What’s ahead for supply chain planners? Automation of supply chain planning today is often in its infancy - very manual and time-consuming with cumbersome changes. Or it’s advanced with planning being revolutionized by new technologies. Will planners become obsolete?  READ MORE @ Supply Chain Management Review

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