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Procurement Must Reduce Costs While Continuing to Become a Better Strategic Advisor

“Procurement faces a dual challenge in 2020 — reducing internal and external costs while at the same time adding value and becoming a better strategic advisor to the business,” says Patrick Burnson. Research from the Hackett Group, Inc. reveals crucial findings on these new Procurement Key Issues. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

CFOs Are Overlooking the Transformative Power of Procurement

“External procurement spending is the single largest cost element for most companies and a crucial component of their value chains. But many companies are failing to realize the powerful benefits that procurement can bring,” according to a new study by A.T. Kearney. READ MORE at Supply Chain Management Review

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Nearly Everything You’ve Been Told About Procurement Analytics Is Wrong

It’s time to move beyond calculating savings to creating a valuable impact. “The procurement industry has long assumed that spend cubes are vitally important and that not having one is heresy. Making matters worse, spend cubes have become axiomatic to procurement analytics,” says authors Elouise Epstein, Stephen Easton and TZ Shen from A.T. Kearney. In this [...]

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Diversity is Key to the Evolving Procurement Function

There is still a gender gap in procurement, says Sheri Spinks. “I think it’s important now more than ever to give a voice to women in procurement. We need to talk about the enhancements and value we deliver as well as the soft skills we possess that contribute to our success in this area.” READ MORE [...]

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