9-Minute Video: Is Supply Chain Transparency Achievable?

Supply chains don't just need to be visible — they also need to be transparent, says Alexis Bateman, director of MIT Sustainable Supply Chains. “Visibility is knowing what's happening as your product is extracted, transformed, and moved along the supply chain. But there's an additional element of transparency, which is disclosure.” Read the challenges of doing [...]

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Innovation Strategies: Upcycling Can Take Sustainable Supply Chains Beyond Recycling

In 2018, British fashion house Burberry faced severe criticism when it burned approximately $37 million worth of unsold clothes, accessories and perfumes. In 2015 more than 16 million tons of textile waste was generated in the United States alone, and more than 65% was landfilled. Will upcycling help improve the supply chain’s environmental performance? READ [...]

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Amazon Announces Its Shipment Zero Initiative

Amazon is embarking on a new sustainability initiative called Shipment Zero that is projected to ensure at least 50% of its shipments achieve net zero by 2030. This vision is slated to align with Amazon’s long-term goals to use 100% renewable energy across its global infrastructure. READ MORE at Supply Chain Digital

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Sustainability is (Finally) Making an Entrance

When does sustainability make sense for a company’s bottom line? Gary M. Barraco says it may be now, as the push toward sustainable product development increases yearly and frequent consumer surveys determine that they will pay more for environmentally friendly goods.  READ MORE @ Supply Chain Digest

What is the Future of Sustainability in the Supply Chain?

Supply chain sustainability has been building up steam in recent years as consumers become more environmentally conscious and look to corporations to do the same, according to Edwin Lopez from Supply Chain Dive. The question remains: When will sustainability become a key value rather than a goal?  See what 5 supply chain experts think about the future [...]

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