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How Industrial IoT Impacts Today’s Supply Chains

“The industrial IoT will play an important part in the evolution of supply chains from linear point-to-point models to network or circular models. Business efficiency, sustainability and regulatory pressures are causing many companies to investigate these new approaches, but IoT and blockchain actually make it feasible to adopt the new business models,” says Alan Griffiths. READ [...]

Beyond Cryptocurrency: Blockchain as a Value Creator and Connector

Most people recognize blockchain as the underlying technology for cryptocurrency. But for companies reliant on strategic partnerships or those seeking to increase the transparency of interactions between consumers or business partners, blockchain presents a world of possibilities, explains Vikrant Viniak, managing director at Accenture Strategy.READ MORE @ Supply Chain Management Review

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Blockchain for the Supply Chain: Reality vs. Hype

Blockchain promises to propagate key contract terms and payments. Robert J. Bowman says many companies are leaping at the opportunity to adopt it. Yet few have reached that goal. What’s holding up the train? READ MORE

Next Gen Supply Chain: Blockchain and Supply Chain Innovation

“A recent study conducted by the Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) at the Center for Global Enterprise, in partnership with APQC, revealed that over one-third of supply chain professionals surveyed are either extremely or moderately unfamiliar with blockchain.” See why author Becky Partida says some supply chain organizations have started considering blockchain for their businesses, while [...]

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