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Breaking Business Silos Is Bigger Than Data Technology

“We need truly comprehensive visibility, but this isn’t simply a technology issue. You need smart-data technology, to be sure. But you need smart people as well,” says Allan Dow, President of Logility. “It's time for company executives to focus on getting truly holistic visibility across departments, systems and functional silos. This is, however, far from [...]

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Creating New Business Insights with AI and Data Analytics

“Although organizations clearly understand the potential for real bottom-line impact with data analytics and AI, the skills gap is a clear challenge. Specifically, when ensuring the success of cloud deployments, data analytics surfaces as one of the top two in-demand skills (41%). … Compounding this, data scientists are in short supply — often commanding very high [...]

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Big Data analytics in supply chain: Tackling the tidal wave

While supply chain companies gather enormous amounts of data, Supply Chain Quarterly found that few companies actually derive sustainable value from the data they accumulate. Instead, they struggle with how to ensure the quality of their data, how to analyze, and how to make practical use of what they learn from it. For a comprehensive view of the [...]

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