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Measuring the Impact of Sourcing on the World’s Workforce

A company’s procurement decisions can contribute to poverty alleviation and inclusive growth around the world. Patrick Burnson examines how a new group, The Global Impact Sourcing Challenge, is the first business network to specifically focus on escalating impact sourcing as a way to increase employment and career development opportunities for disadvantaged workers. READ MORE at Supply [...]

The Importance of Communicating Procurement Strategy

The mindset of working in silos is still prevalent in some companies, says Ravisekharan Jayakumar, despite organizations adopting a global approach to business and the increase in cross-functional interaction. “It is imperative to formulate robust category sourcing strategies that align with the company’s goal tree....” 2-MINUTE READ

So, You Want a Strategic Supply Chain?

This might be easier said than done. The Top 25 supply chains, including Apple, P&G and Amazon, use their supply chains not only to drive down costs and to improve overall performance, but also as effective, efficient, strategic weapons. Supply Chain Management Review details seven questions to help determine readiness to transition from a conventional, operational, price-driven supply chain [...]

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Does Supply and Demand Still Rule in Supply Chains?

In this age of Big Data, do economics still drive decisions in the Supply Chain? Industry professionals can access a wide range of public and private data and a vast amount of statistics and data analysis. But are resources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics or Producer Price Index still relevant today? READ MORE

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Here’s the Problem: Your Procurement Driven Transportation Sourcing Process Stinks!

Are you using a flawed process to conduct your transportation sourcing events? Are rates rising and carriers unwilling to negotiate with your business? This blog from Supply Chain Management Review lists the benefits of using a strategic approach for selecting carriers and third-party providers versus a price-driven “transactionally” focused one. READ MORE  

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