AUGMENTED REALITY: Insight into Smart Glasses in Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Providers of voice solutions see potential for smart glasses as multi-modal devices that can support a combination of voice, vision and scanning, says Roberto Michel. He explains how smart glasses can be used in DCs, as well as where augmented reality technology is headed.  READ MORE @ Supply Chain Management Review

The Supply Chain Planner of the Future

What’s ahead for supply chain planners? Automation of supply chain planning today is often in its infancy - very manual and time-consuming with cumbersome changes. Or it’s advanced with planning being revolutionized by new technologies. Will planners become obsolete?  READ MORE @ Supply Chain Management Review

The supply chain technologies that will solidify the digital supply chain in 2018

Supply chain technology will advance light years in the coming months, according to Adam Robinson from Cerasis. Check out which technology trends may be the dominant forces of change and continuous improvement, including the standardization of the industrial Internet of Things and 80 percent of supply chains embracing cloud-based technology. READ MORE

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