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Rushing to Adopt AI? Watch Out for Speed Bumps

Kenn Cottrill from MIT says that artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning have captured the imaginations of supply chain professionals. However, he adds, “… practitioners should not underestimate the amount of preparatory work that needs to be done to provide a strong foundation for AI applications that can yield real value.” READ MORE at Supply Chain Management [...]

A Look into the Future: The Self-learning Supply Chain

“The self-learning supply chain marks the next major frontier of supply chain innovation. It's a futuristic vision of a world in which supply chain systems, infused with artificial intelligence (AI), can analyze existing supply chain strategies and data to learn what factors lead to supply chain failures,” according to Fred Baumann, who leads Global Industry Strategy [...]

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Improving Supply Chain Visibility with Machine Learning

Jeff Butler from Supply and Demand Chain Executive says that machine learning can uncover layers of imperfect Internet of Things data, leading to powerful insights to maximize efficient supply chain operation. “Modern computers running machine learning algorithms have the capacity to consider and test millions of possibilities that the human brain could never consider in fractions of a [...]

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