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AUGMENTED REALITY: Insight into Smart Glasses in Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Providers of voice solutions see potential for smart glasses as multi-modal devices that can support a combination of voice, vision and scanning, says Roberto Michel. He explains how smart glasses can be used in DCs, as well as where augmented reality technology is headed.  READ MORE @ Supply Chain Management Review

Four Truths About DC Robots, Jobs and Warehouse Execution

Many articles about the impact of robots in the distribution center include predictions of large-scale job losses for human workers, says SupplyChain 24/7. While “Robots Replace People” is an attention-grabbing headline, the truth is far more complicated. When will robots take over the entire DC operation? READ MORE

Sorting It Out: DC Automation – Overcoming Perceived Barriers

Editor Cliff Holste at Supply Chain Digest explains that while shippers are interested in automation, perceived loss of operational flexibility and agility are the main reasons they avoid it. Read how phased implementation may be the answer to future Distribution Center automation. READ MORE

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