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Beyond Cryptocurrency: Blockchain as a Value Creator and Connector

Most people recognize blockchain as the underlying technology for cryptocurrency. But for companies reliant on strategic partnerships or those seeking to increase the transparency of interactions between consumers or business partners, blockchain presents a world of [...]

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JDA Software: Navigating the Digital Disruption of Supply Chain and Procurement

Digitization is what everyone is talking about and it's making companies ask how they can embrace digital in order to move forward, says Johan Reventberg, President, EMEA at JDA Software. “But … some companies aren’t normal [...]

Next-Gen S&OP: Profitability Through Embedded Predictive Analytics, Big Data & Risk Management

With the emergence of predictive analytics, big data and probabilistic modeling, the future looks bright for next-gen S&OP, says Gregory L. Schlegel. “The dilemma in S&OP is this: With Gartner’s four-stage maturity model, over the [...]

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Technology Benefits Sales and Operations Planning

Nearly 70% of the respondents in APQC’s recent survey of sales and operations planning professionals consider technology to be an extremely critical part of their S&OP process. However, about 37% of respondents state that their [...]

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No One Behind the Wheel

“With a 100% annual turnover, everyone knows there’s a problem keeping truckers in the driver’s seat. There are some short-term aids such as higher pay, a more diverse workforce and an improved lifestyle. But it’s going [...]

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