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Digital Transformation Helping Procurement to “Do More with Less”

The Hackett Group found there is still significant need for procurement to address its critical development priorities for 2019. This includes improving analytical capabilities, aligning skills and talent with business needs, leveraging supplier relationships, enhancing agility [...]

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Amazon Announces Its Shipment Zero Initiative

Amazon is embarking on a new sustainability initiative called Shipment Zero that is projected to ensure at least 50% of its shipments achieve net zero by 2030. This vision is slated to align with Amazon’s [...]

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Resilience360 Releases its First Annual Risk Report

The supply chain risk management company outlines Top 10 Supply Chain Risks for 2019 and Beyond. The risk report is designed to provide the intelligence needed to help organizations re-evaluate their specific risk strategies and adapt their [...]

Digital Identity: The New Cornerstone of Cyber Resilience

If you want to seize the opportunities of the digital economy, you must also address the threats that come with it, says Michael Teichmann, Managing Director for Accenture’s Security Services. “… cyber resilience should be your organization’s [...]

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AI is coming! AI is coming!

Actually, AI is already in the supply chain, explains Gary Forger. “AI is in demand planning, operational software, robotics and predictive maintenance. Early adopters may be leading the way, but, as you will soon discover, AI [...]

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Beyond Cryptocurrency: Blockchain as a Value Creator and Connector

Most people recognize blockchain as the underlying technology for cryptocurrency. But for companies reliant on strategic partnerships or those seeking to increase the transparency of interactions between consumers or business partners, blockchain presents a world of [...]

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