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Top Ten 2020 Supply Chain Predictions Issued by IDC

“This year’s predictions for 2020 take another deep dive into the frenetic pace of change occurring in myriad facets of the supply chain.” These top ten supply chain predictions, issued by IDC, cover investments both in [...]

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Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities Heading into 2020

“Trade policy uncertainty will continue to plague the confidence of business leaders and exert far-reaching effects on supply chains,” says researcher and economist John Lorié. He delves into the biggest risks for business supply chains as 2020 [...]

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A View From the Cloud

We hear less about one of the enabling technologies that makes the others possible: the Cloud. The possibilities that the Cloud opens up to the supply chain are multiplying at breakneck speed. And Gary Forger [...]

9-Minute Video: Is Supply Chain Transparency Achievable?

Supply chains don't just need to be visible — they also need to be transparent, says Alexis Bateman, director of MIT Sustainable Supply Chains. “Visibility is knowing what's happening as your product is extracted, transformed, [...]

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Are Your Performance Measurements Destroying Your Supply Chain?

By Steven A. Melnyk, Michael Bourne, David Frayer and Will Rifkin The performance measurement system is the most misunderstood, confusing, misapplied and frustrating element of most supply chains, says the authors of this article. “Yet, an [...]

Measuring the Impact of Sourcing on the World’s Workforce

A company’s procurement decisions can contribute to poverty alleviation and inclusive growth around the world. Patrick Burnson examines how a new group, The Global Impact Sourcing Challenge, is the first business network to specifically focus on [...]