Procurement: Riding the Transformative Digital Wave

A.T. Kearney’s authors explain that as digital trends disrupt the supply chain, business leaders are forced to rethink their traditional operating models. “With the advent of the digital age, expectations for procurement are no longer confined to the contribution to the bottom line.” READ MORE at A.T. Kearney Ideas and Insights

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Procurement is Getting its Digitized Act Together

 “The Future of Digital Procurement,” a new report released by Accenture, maintains that many supply chain managers are seeking to modernize this function, but may not have the tools to get started. “But it’s time to move beyond simply replicating the same tedious procurement processes with new software,” says Managing Director Kristin Ruehle. READ MORE at Supply [...]

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The Importance of Communicating Procurement Strategy

The mindset of working in silos is still prevalent in some companies, says Ravisekharan Jayakumar, despite organizations adopting a global approach to business and the increase in cross-functional interaction. “It is imperative to formulate robust category sourcing strategies that align with the company’s goal tree....” 2-MINUTE READ

Spend Management: Key Elements for Realizing Cost Savings in Procurement

Searching for a path to achieve measurable cost savings in procurement? This BearingPoint white paper breaks down the key elements of spend management and spend analysis. This document presents a holistic view of the activities involved in the “procure-to-pay” process and creates an understanding of the spend structure of an organization, enabling decisions to be based on facts, [...]

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