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The Supply Chain Planner of the Future

What’s ahead for supply chain planners? Automation of supply chain planning today is often in its infancy - very manual and time-consuming with cumbersome changes. Or it’s advanced with planning being revolutionized by new technologies. Will planners become obsolete?  READ MORE @ Supply Chain Management Review

Rushing to Adopt AI? Watch Out for Speed Bumps

Kenn Cottrill from MIT says that artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning have captured the imaginations of supply chain professionals. However, he adds, “… practitioners should not underestimate the amount of preparatory work that needs to be done to provide a strong foundation for AI applications that can yield real value.” READ MORE at Supply Chain Management [...]

Amazon Files Patent for Augmented Reality System in Distribution

The Supply Chain Digest editorial staff question how Amazon could claim this invention. Augmented Reality (AR) in distribution generally involves associates wearing smart glasses that provide visual guidance for accomplishing certain tasks. But other companies such as 3PL DHL and a number of technology vendors have been developing real AR applications for a number of years before the [...]

Four Truths About DC Robots, Jobs and Warehouse Execution

Many articles about the impact of robots in the distribution center include predictions of large-scale job losses for human workers, says SupplyChain 24/7. While “Robots Replace People” is an attention-grabbing headline, the truth is far more complicated. When will robots take over the entire DC operation? READ MORE

Why AI Hasn’t Delivered in Supply Chain Management

In the race to implement AI in the Supply Chain, the results have been disappointing, says Greg Brady of One Network Enterprises, a global provider of a multi-party business network. He explains how AI can offer a huge benefit to Supply Chain managers. READ MORE    

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