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Forging Links into Loops: The Internet of Things’ Potential to Recast Supply Chain Management

Faced with external pressures, U.S. companies often cut costs to remain competitive and many have focused their Internet of Things (IoT) strategies on how the technology can cut costs and improve efficiency, explains authors Mariani, Quasney, and Raynor. [...]

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Procurement: Riding the Transformative Digital Wave

A.T. Kearney’s authors explain that as digital trends disrupt the supply chain, business leaders are forced to rethink their traditional operating models. “With the advent of the digital age, expectations for procurement are no longer confined [...]

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Procurement is Getting its Digitized Act Together

 “The Future of Digital Procurement,” a new report released by Accenture, maintains that many supply chain managers are seeking to modernize this function, but may not have the tools to get started. “But it’s time to [...]

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Focus on Pulling Three Critical Planning Processes Together Through Integrated Business Planning

Research shows that companies should use three distinct supply chain planning horizons. Henry Canitz explains the importance of each one: Strategic/Annual Planning, Sales & Operations Planning and Sales & Operations Execution. READ MORE at Supply Chain Digest

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Amazon Files Patent for Augmented Reality System in Distribution

The Supply Chain Digest editorial staff question how Amazon could claim this invention. Augmented Reality (AR) in distribution generally involves associates wearing smart glasses that provide visual guidance for accomplishing certain tasks. But other companies such as 3PL [...]

The Importance of Communicating Procurement Strategy

The mindset of working in silos is still prevalent in some companies, says Ravisekharan Jayakumar, despite organizations adopting a global approach to business and the increase in cross-functional interaction. “It is imperative to formulate robust [...]

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